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Quamel is a web solution that centralizes the quality management of your organization.

Based on the principles of Standard ISO 9001:2015, it incorporates tools to document processes and promote continuous improvement.

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Process approach

Quamel makes it easy to track your organization's processes. Document the necessary activities for the fulfillment of the quality objectives, needed resources and responsible for each task.

Documented Information

Quamel allows you to store and share the files and documents related to the quality management system and keep previous versions. Access all your information from a single place.

Human & technological resources

Manage the labor information of the personnel and their competences, plan training courses, manage the technological resources of your organization and its maintenance operations.

Clients & providers

Quamel allows you to manage customers, create and send online satisfaction surveys and evaluate the obtained results. In addition, the management and evaluation of external providers and needed supplies.

Leadership & planning

Quamel provides you with context analysis tools (SWOT) and risk and opportunity analysis. You can plan preventive and corrective actions. Communicate the quality policy to the members of your company.

Continuous improvement

Evaluation of the performance of the organization through the generation of reports and graphical indicators. Provide all members with the registration of nonconformities and opportunities for improvement and subsequent monitoring.

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Less Money

Cost reduction

Being a system that works entirely in the cloud, it allows to completely eliminate physical documentation, generating significant savings for the company through the reduction of paper use and dedicated personnel exclusively to the documents maintenance.

Time saving

It allows easy communication within the company, favoring access to information by the entire structure; this means that all the forms required by the certification ISO 9001:2015 are within reach quickly, anywhere, anytime.

Less Time
Multi Device


Work with Quamel through any Internet browser on any device, both mobiles and desktop. It is developed under high security standards and a UX specially designed for the management of ISO 9001:2015.

Efficiency increase

It is a qualitative leap for an organization as it generates a direct and immediate increase in the efficiency of the company, accelerating processes and generating fluid internal communication through a notification system.

More Efficiency
Custom Users

Custom User Profiles

Quamel fits the needs of your organization because ir offers the possibility of create customized user profiles according to their hierarchy (managers, directors, employees) with different access levels to the information. Also, is usable in two languages: english and spanish.

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